We have developed a drastically new method of fabricating polymer photonic devices. Utilizing nanoimprinting and ink-jet printing, polymer photonic devices such as modulators and switches have successfully been developed. The room temperature and potentially low-cost manufacturing technology offers several unique advantages, such as 1) good surface quality, 2) etch-free process, 3) environmentally friendly, 4) large-area development, and 5) hybrid integration with printed electronics.


Fig. 1 (a) Microscopic picture showing the top view of a fabricated 2×2 thermo-optic polymer switch.  (b) Normalized optical output power versus electrical power consumption from both bar port and cross port.

Fig. 2 Optical response with square wave function applied across the heating electrode, at selected frequencies of (a) 100Hz, (b) 300Hz, (c) 500Hz, and (d) 1kHz.


Fig.3 Microscope image of (a) printed EO polymer modulator, (b) ink-jet printed top electrode, scale bar: 100μm and (c) SEM picture of the modulator cross section


Fig.4 (a-b) 100kHz triangle wave input and corresponding modulator output signal. (c-d) 15MHz sinusoidal wave input and corresponding modulator output.