Omega Optics, Inc. is a leading company started in Austin, Texas in 2001. Since its initiation, Omega Optics has been actively involved in optical communications/sensing field where arrays of products have been developed from internal R&D and SBIR/STTR efforts. Technologies including portable bio-sensing, polymer based planar light wave circuit for EM-wave sensing, chemical and biological sensing , and nanophotonics for integrated photonic circuits, are core technologies. Omega Optics, with its vast experience in SBIR/STTR programs, is in a vantage position to pursue this aggressive commercialization strategy. Omega’s scientists and engineers have research project experience with partners and sponsors such as General Electric, Cray Research, Honeywell, 3M, Dell, Lightpath, Boeing, Physical Optics Corp., Novex Corp., Lambda Physik USA. The management team has a commercialization track record of raising $18 million venture capital investment SBIR phase II matching funds in 2000 from Intel venture, KLM venture which was later acquired by Finisar, a publicly traded company, in 2001.
Below are just a few collaborators who trust our approach to transform cutting-edge research into commercial technology:
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