Omega Optics, a leader in nanophotonics R&D, is developing novel chip-based technology that will revolutionize the world of portable, label-free bioassay devices.
Our most recent achievements and innovations in silicon-based “slow light” photonics enhances the effective optical path lengths and thereby enables miniaturization and higher detection sensitivity. With these breakthroughs, we are engineering a platform technology of highly sensitive, flexible, portable, multiplexed and cost-effective
“lab-on-chip” solutions that will soon disrupt portable bioassay markets.

Potential Applications

Our patented (and patent-pending) technologies can power highly-sensitive portable (or bench-top) devices for biosensing applications including:

  • Detection of heavy metals, VOCs and TICs in water
  • Pathogen detection in Food & Beverage
  • Early cancer biomarkers
  • Infectious diseases
  • Antibiotic monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical drug discovery

Technical Advantages

  • Our proprietary microarray design allows for up to 128/256 different targets and controls to be tested simultaneously on the same chip<
  • Total sample volume of only 100μl required for all 128/256 targets and controls
  • Detects any biomolecule (proteins, DNA, mRNA, small molecules) via conjugate affinity with high specificity and high sensitivity
  • In-situ results in less than 30 minutes with rugged, portable, easy-to-use devices

Contact Us

Omega Optics seeks partnerships to help bring our patented technologies to market. Please contact us to discuss ways we can work together.