The XtremeSens Diagnostics Platform is being developed to address medical and clinical diagnostic needs for biomolecule (protein, DNA, mRNA) detection with high sensitivity, high specificity, high multiplexing capability with minuscule sample volume.

Omega Optics seeks collaborations with researchers and scientists in the following application areas to engage in R&D leading to new product development.


Early Detection of Cancers, Allergies and Infectious Diseases

Drug Discovery

Medical Research (Understanding Signaling Pathways)

Pathogen Detection in Food and Beverages

Environmental Pollution Sensing for Microbes and Chemicals

Biological Agent Detection


•Label Free
◦No need for fluorescent labeled biomarkers
•High Throughput Multiplexed Detection in 30 mins
◦128 sensors in assays with 50pM sensitivity ◦32 sensors in assays with 50fM sensitivity
•Extreme Sensitivity
◦1fM in assays with KD=10-15M
•High Specificity
◦Similar to ELISA
•Simultaneous specific & control assay
◦High statistical confidence in binding specificity
•Minuscule Sample Volume
◦Less than 1 micro-liter per sensor
•Detects any biomolecule via conjugate affinity
◦Proteins, DNA, mRNA, small molecules, cells
•Large dynamic range (6-8 orders)
•Binding Kinetics Measurement Capability
•Low Cost Disposable Consumables
•Scalable to Large Assays in future diagnostics

Proof of Concept Data
The program is supported by a SBIR contract from the National Cancer Institute