OO_XYPrint is a complete, high accuracy inkjet system designed for a wide range of materials deposition applications and process development work. The standard models include drive electronics, software, an A4 vacuum platen and a syringe ink supply. We currently supply the OO_XY100 – bench-top model, and the OO_XY200 a larger unit designed for more complex applications.
Both models feature very high accuracy slides with 3 micron absolute accuracy and 1 micron repeatability

The starting prices are as follows:-

Base System Heads Price (USD) Prince inc UV 85mm lamp Price inc 85mm UV lamp & ink system
OO_XYPrint 100 512 x 1 $51,800 $59,000 $67,100
512 x 2 $59,400 $66,600 $75,300
512 x 4 $68,100 $75,300 $86,900
OO_XYPrint 200 512 x 4 $92,000 $99,200 $110,800
1024 x 4 $103,600 $110,800 $122,500
1024 x 6 $118,100 $132,600 $157,250
1024i x 4 $115,200 $122,500 $134,100

Prices include desktop PC and installation and training in mainland USA or Europe. Additional charges apply in other areas.


Prices of other options are as follows:-

Option Price (USD)
Automatic Z axis control $12,875
UV lamp (150mm print width)** Add $3,000 to list price
UV pinning lamp, 1 watt $4,850
Fitted with additional KM512 heads (per head)* $6,000
Fitted with additional KM1024 heads (per head)* $9000
Fitted with additional KM1024iMHE head (per head)* $12,000
Legs (XYPrint 100 only) $2,250
Heated Platen TBA
Alignment camera TBA
TCP/IP remote-control protocol $5,250
PDF RIP static *** $3,750
PDF RIP variable (first unit) *** $4,875

* Price is per additional printhead fully integrated into the system, for example to change from a four- to 5-ink print system. An additional charge may apply for custom printhead mounting plates.
** UV lamp price is for Integration Technology Vzero or Phoseon 4Watt LED

**** Please note that an on-site installation visit will be required. This is not included in the price. Please contact sales for details.
OO may be prepared to custom-build XYPrint systems to the customer’s requirements. Please contact us to discuss.

Download Brochure

Download the XY Printer brochure by clicking the link below:

XYPrinter Brochure