Silicon nanomembranes (SiNMs) are very thin sheets of silicon that have been released from silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers and re-deposited on other rigid or flexible hosts. Silicon nanomembranes (SiNMs) are processable like bulk Si and retain the electronic and optical properties of bulk Si. However, due to their thinness, their mechanical properties are interestingly different compared to bulk Si. Thus, all kinds of Si devices can potentially be fabricated, and high-volume manufacturing is feasible, thus utilizing and integrating the best features from different material systems.

We have developed SiNM transfer methods based on stamp printing, modified stamp printing and bonding techniques. Using such techniques, unique SiNM devices such as optical waveguides, photonic crystal waveguides, multimode interference couplers (MMI) etc, as well as extremely delicate structures such as EO polymer refilled slot photonic crystal waveguide modulators, p-i-n modulators etc have been developed on unusual substrates such as glass, polyimide etc.

Fig. 1. (a) large area (2cm x 2cm) SiNM transferred on glass, (b) SiNM based waveguides on Kapton, (c) MMI and (d) PCW transferred onto Kapton.