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Omega Optics Integrated Nanophotonics and Electronics

Technologies Omega Optics is currently pursuing the following technologies for commercialization and joint venture

  • Sensing

    We have developed chip-integrated photonic biosensors for applications in early cancer detection and environmental pollution detection. We have also developed mid-infrared lab-on-chip absorbance sensors for the detection of various gases. Both technologies are currently being packaged for commercialization.

  • Integrated Optics

    We are developing innovative photonic devices on silicon platform with an emphasis on reducing the size, weight, and power consumption of devices.

  • Printed Electronics

    roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing technology for developing hybrid electronic systems on flexible substrates

  • Printed Photonics

    Utilizing nanoimprinting and ink-polymer jet printing to fabricate photonic devices

  • Silicon Nanomembrane Technology

    The XtremeSens Diagnostics Platform is being developed to address medical and clinical diagnostic needs for biomolecule (protein, DNA, mRNA) detection with high sensitivity, high specificity, high multiplexing capability with minuscule sample volume.